Our Process

Brittany does not believe in selling you documents and sending you on your way. Simple documents are not enough to protect you, your family, and your assets. Families who want to do the right thing for their loved ones, deserve more than mere documents. Brittany started this practice to educate and take care of families. So, sure, you will get your documents, but you are going to get much more than that with her. She will not sell you on anything. She will educate you so you can decide for yourself what is best for you and your family. Brittany is not just your lawyer; she is your trusted advisor.

She provides heart-based services.

She creates more connected families during life and afterwards.

She delivers love and heart-based services.

Brittany will make sure that not only your assets pass on to future generations, but she offers you the opportunity to make sure your values are passed on to future generations. If you want the extra assurance that you’ve left no stone unturned, she will be happy to make sure your assets are put into your trust for you.

She will check-in with you every few years to make sure nothing in your life’s circumstances have changed that would cause your plan to change. Marriage, divorce, deaths, illnesses, births, and the like. She does this for you for free.

If something happens to you, you can rest assured that Brittany will continue to take care of you and your loved ones, as your Personal Family Lawyer.


How We Work

Our estate planning process is broken down into 3 meetings: 1) The Family Wealth Planning Session, 2) The Signing Ceremony, and 3) The Legacy Meeting.

Step 1 – Your Family Wealth Planning Session

This is a 2-hour working session. We will begin with me sharing some of my background and passion. Then, we will walk through what would happen if something happened to you right now. Then, we’ll discuss whether you are ok with what would happen and, if not, we will help you design a plan that meets your family’s needs and budget.

Step 2 – Signing Ceremony – Peace of Mind

This is a big day. This is the day you will sign your plan. It’s a big day because once the ceremony is complete, you will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. You will have peace of mind that you have done right for your family and given them a loving gift

  Step 3 – Leaving a Legacy – Be Legendary

During your legacy meeting, we will not only deliver your final estate plan, but we will take the time to help you be Legendary. Brittany believes that estate planning is not just about transferring your financial assets and personal belongings. Your Legacy encompasses everything you care about – your values, insights, stories, experience – your intellectual, spiritual and human assets. After you’ve passed, your loved ones will feel a huge gap in their life and hearts. They will wish they could hear your voice. They will wish they would have asked you questions about your life. They will long for your counsel and concern. During this legacy meeting, we will help you give your loved ones a tremendous gift of having you live on in a meaningful way.

How Much Does It Cost

We’re often asked this question, and it’s a good one. But here’s the tricky part: there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every family is unique – different lives, needs, estates, and priorities. So, if a lawyer gives you a price without knowing anything about you, it’s a warning sign.

This is why many estate plans fail. Families choose based on cost alone, not realizing there are better options. They end up with standard plans that don’t work when they’re needed.

Here’s what we can tell you…We’ve priced our estate planning for you and your family at the intersection of affordability and effectiveness.

We start all of our plans with a Family Wealth Planning Session, which is designed to get you more financially organized than you have ever been before, and ensure that no matter what happens, none of your hard-earned assets will be lost to the State Department of Unclaimed Property, when something happens to you.

Even if you never do any planning with us, the Family Wealth Planning Session alone is a hugely valuable process for you and your family, because you will create a full inventory of your assets and ensure your family knows what you have.

Then, when we meet, we will review everything you own, and discuss everyone you love, and you will understand exactly what would happen to everything you own and everyone you love, in the event of your death or incapacity.

If you do not have a plan, we will cover the plan the State has for you. If you do have a plan, we will review your current plan with you. (We call this an estate plan review and check-up).

Here’s the most important part for you to know about this: you will be making informed, educated, empowered decisions for the people you love, not just shopping around based on price.

And the best part is that as part of this process, you will actually choose your own fee based on your budget and the planning options that are most important to you and your family. There truly is no one size fits all choice.

We have created a process, though, to educate you quickly and effectively so that you can make empowered, informed choices about what you want for the people you love, so that you aren’t simply choosing the cheapest option because you don’t have any other basis for making your decisions.

Now having said all that, you probably want to at least know a range of what estate planning will cost.

A Family Wealth Planning Session is $750. An Estate Plan Review and Checkup is $950. But, if you promise to do the homework we give you and turn it in a week before your appointment, we will waive the Planning Session fee.

At the Family Wealth Planning Session, we will discuss various options for planning that fits your family’s desires. Plans can range from $1,500 to $7,000.

If after reading this, you are ready to make informed, empowered, educated decisions for the people you love (instead of just shopping around for the cheapest plan, which is unlikely to work when your family needs it), get started by booking your Family Wealth Planning Session (or Estate Plan Review and Check-up) here.

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